I owned rental property for many years.

Bengal Kittens dot com
Cover Girl of Painted Cats

my story

Me at 15 years old playing my 1981 Fender Lead II

I have been a Bengal Breeder for more than 7 years. I breed the most beautiful brown rosetted kittens. www.paintedcats.com 

My Bengal kittens can be seen in bengal breeding programs around the world.

I now breed Bengal cats.

Achmed Lubbad Mahmoud Lubbad

I was a school teacher for 20 years

I have started a new website for Bengal Kittens as well.

James Lubbad

I go by the name Jiml but my real name is Jamal Lubbad. The man in the far right of this old photograph is my father Mahmoud Lubbad. He was a Palestinian refugee. 

My father died in 1972. He had an open heart surgery and died shortly after the surgery. He was 32 years old and left four children and a widow behind. 

Our lives were a struggle after my father passed. My mother is Virginia (Ginny) and she remarried 5 years later. 

I have two brothers and two sisters and I am a  middle child and an Eldest son.